Apple and Cherry orchard

Selenca, a town of 3,500 inhabitants, has been in the heart of Pannonian Plain for centuries. Fertile land, plenty of water and moderate climate make an excellent basis for a top-quality fruit production. Company orchard covers an area of ​​133 acre. Orchard is equipped with a modern “drop by drop” irrigation system and anti hail protection system. The area of 94 acres contains most beautiful assortment of fruits of Golden Delicious Reinders, Granny Smith, Gala Schniga, Morrens Jonagored Supra, Wilton's Red Jonaprince and Fuji Kiku Fubrax apple, while the remaining 39 acres is home to the trees of - Kordia, Regina, Summit, Vanda, Lapins, Schneiders späte knorpelkirsche, Karina, Merchant, Burlat sweet cherries. We are very proud of our orchard and we attend to the orchard and fruit with great care.

Anti-hail protection

One of the most damaging adverse weather conditions for a fruit grower is hail, which can easily destroy entire harvests and put the plants in a position not to produce in the years following the event. Recently thunderstorms with hail happened in almost every summer. The more efficient protection system of the plants, which also ensures a continuity of production over time, is surely the installation of anti-hail nets. Our entire orchard is covered in protective netting from hail.

Drip & Sprinkler irigation

Every tree in Ripe Fruit Farm orchard is watered equally using drip irrigation system which ensured that fertilizer and nutrient loss is minimized due to localized application and reduced leaching. This system also minimizes local foliage and thus reducing risk of diseases which could harm apple trees, additionally reducing need for chemical treatment for trees. For cherry trees, besides drip irrigation system, there is installed sprinkler irrigation system which is much more suitable for cherries and provides better environment

Great variety of apples

The area of 94 acres contains most beautiful assortment of apples:

Sweet cherries

The area of 39 acres is home to the cherry trees of: